milliken cloth on table

Wrinkle Reclaim

How to Restore Linen to a Non-Wrinkle State

  1. Load gas dryer 50% capacity or preferably less with dry wrinkled linen.
  2. Run on “hot” setting (190° - 210° F) from 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. Run 10 to 15 minutes “cool down” or until dryer is sufficiently cooled to about 100°F. 4. Be sure dryer does not stop during either heat or cool cycles.
  4. Remove linen as per proper handling instructions as outlined in our brochure.
  5. Allow shelf life if possible to remove remaining “soft” wrinkles. Hard creases and wrinkles should be gone. The high heat and extended time allow the fabric to “relax” back into its flat dry state.

NOTE: If the dryer does not get hot enough to do a reclaim, the linens may be taken to a Laundromat to run this procedure. Or, a rental laundry or dry cleaners can run the linens through a flatwork ironer (set at 325° - 340°F) to remove the hard wrinkles.

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