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Home Type Washer & Dryer

Washing Instructions for Home Type Washer & Dryer

Basic requirements

Equipment: Maytag, Kenmore, General Electric, Whirlpool, etc.

Loading: Do not overload washer or dryer. Wash loads must have good flotation and agitation.

Washing: Use perma press cycle or split water temperatures (110-130°) with a cold water rinse. Use chemicals recommended for home type washers. Do not use softeners, as they may waterproof the linen.

Dryers: Use perma press cycle for 12-15 minutes with an 8-minute cool down. (Times may vary due to load size and extraction.) If dryers do not have perma press cycle, use medium heat (120-160°), and “air” for cool down step. Do not overload dryer. Linen must tumble freely for optimum flat dry results.

Checklist for Wrinkles

  1. Overloading—Wash loads may be too large for size washer or dryer (no mechanical action or flotation equipment). 
  2. Overdrying—Linen may be too dry before cool down begins. Reduce dryer time to where linen is just dry before cool down cycle begins. 
  3. Thermal Shock Wrinkles—Drastic changes in fabric temperatures. Examples: water temperature drops from 180°-100°; dryers are being stopped while still hot (140°-160°). 
  4. Improper Cool Down—Dryers have been stopped before linen has been cooled to normal body temperature for folding. 
  5. Process Wrinkles—Wrinkles occur due to mishandling or linen that has sat in the washer, dryers, or buggies for prolonged periods of time. 
  6. Improper Storage—Inadequate storage on shelves or racks. Linen also may have been folded improperly before reaching storage areas.
  7. Shelf Time—Recommended shelf time for linen is 24 hours for optimum flat dry results. 
In House Small Laundries Recommendations For Handling Signature Plus™ Home Type Washer & Dryer

​Checklist for Stains 

  1. Overloading - No mechanical action or linen has been packed too tight for proper agitation. 
  2. Improper Chemical Usage - The amount of detergent may be too small for the size wash load being processed, or the soil level is too high. 
  3. Abusive Stains - These type stains are usually of three types:
    1. - carbon based: grill grease, ashtrays, etc.
    2. - silver polish
    3. - cement stains 
      Usually bleach will help salvage the linen unless stains are of above types. 
  4. Softeners - We do not recommend the use of softeners. Most softeners coat the Signature Plus™ linen making it waterproof and hard to remove stains. 
  5. Hard Water - Chemicals that may be found in water make cleaning at normal detergent loads difficult. Some stains may be due to iron or calcium, which may be found in the water.
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