laundry service team

Laundry Service Team

Need an extra set of eyes on your laundry processing, safety, and quality procedures? An innovative lab to examine your fabric stain? A training course to help you sharpen your product-selling skills? Our experienced team provides these services to help you get the most out of your quality table linens.

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Value-Added Selling

Our team is continually searching for new opportunities to help customers improve their bottom line. We encourage our customers to sell the value of the product, not the price. In our interactions with our customers, we provide the value-selling techniques and support necessary for effectively increasing your profits and benefiting your customers.

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Laundry Processing, Safety & Quality Audits

Your Laundry Service Team representative will conduct an on-site audit of equipment, processes, and procedures for product quality, process improvement, employee efficiency, and safety procedures. Our audits give a fresh perspective on your company and uncover valuable information to help you become more profitable and learn about opportunities for improvement. 

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Fabric Analysis

Have a stain that won't come out? Our experienced lab technicians will conduct a fabric analysis on your linens in our state-of-the-art facilities. We'll determine fabric construction, trace chemicals, identify lint contamination sources, and evaluate any other causes for fabric disrepair.

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Product Knowledge Seminars

At various times throughout the year, our Laundry Service Team hosts several laundry and product knowledge seminars designed to give your sales force the latest information and selling tips.

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