In an era of delivery services, food subscription boxes, community gardens, online recipes, and at-home foodies, restaurants have to work extra hard to entice younger generations to visit their brick and mortar establishments. It was reported in a 2014 study by the NPD Group via Forbes that Millennials “have cut back annual restaurant visits by 21 percent over the last seven years”.*

While food plays a huge role in building brand loyalty, external factors such as marketing, ambiance, atmosphere personalized service, and spatial design all influence the highly influential customer experience.

Table linens are somewhat of the unsung hero of restaurant spaces. According to a study conducted by Milliken and Company, '77% of U.S. consumers notice the way a table is set when visiting a restaurant.' While paper napkins have their rightful place in barbecue joints, bars, and fast food establishments, they are less accepted by consumers in fine dining establishments. However, quality linen products are gaining popularity and acceptance by restaurateurs like Kenneth Cribbs, owner of Cribbs Kitchen, who talks about why they switched from paper to cloth.  

In the same study by Milliken and Company, results showed that incorporating linen into restaurant design plays a significant role in improving the ambiance and atmosphere of a restaurant. 1.png

Find out why the owner of Bluewater Grill prefers tablecloths over bare tables in his restaurants.

Fine linen can be used to highlight and accentuate various aspects of a dining space and the eating arrangement, as well as provide a soft alternative to rougher linen or paper napery.


Milliken Table Linens provides quality table linens for the restaurant industry by combining 35 years of textile research with a commitment to improve their products. Milliken’s innovative linens products like the Signature line boast consistent color after multiple washes, soil release technology, and SofTouch technology for minimal linting with a great look and feel.

Learn more about Milliken’s customizable line of products including the beautiful and classic Signature, the on-trend napkin of the year, Signature Stripe, or the specialized patterned products Damask HD, Wild Rice, and Checkpoint.


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