It’s an unwritten rule that the moment you put a freshly laundered tablecloth on a table someone is going to drop a marinara soaked meatball or smear chocolate mousse all over the pristine surface.

And that’s where Milliken’s innovations shine.

Milliken Table Linens’ products are the result of over 150 years of careful research, vigorous testing, and attention to detail by a community of innovators seeking to test limits and produce the best possible products. That drive, combined with a history of manufacturing excellence, brings the highest-performing fabrics to the global market and sets the industry standard for performance, quality, and cost.

Signature®, a highly versatile product, is created to be both elegant and durable with every fiber of the product created to sustain wear, linting, and excessive washing. Check out a few of the innovations found in Signature® and our other prodcut lines:

ColorSeal™ provides an extra defense against bleach while ensuring color won’t fade after multiple washes. This color technology provides color-staying power that will keep your linens consistently bright and true to their original color. 


The proprietary SofTouch® Technology gives our products a soft hand without compromising lifespan or causing lint, while our innovative soil release technology means fewer stain rejects, resulting in energy savings and reduced replacement costs.

Milliken provides more than just quality products. As a community of innovators, Milliken continually strives to improve customer’s lives and help make the world more sustainable through environmentally friendly products and carbon negative manufacturing processes. 

 Learn more about our sustainability efforts and our history of innovation

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