| Cham - bray | a linen-finished gingham cloth with a white wheat and a colored warp, producing a mottled appearance.

Modern meets classic with this all-American fabric pattern that has re-gained attention in the textile scene. Chambray has been seen everywhere from the runway to discount stores and on everything from shirts to bandannas. Now, the classically appealing fabric is serving a different function – napery.

As indicated by a quick Google Trends search, in the last 10 years the fabric’s popularity has warranted a double take when considering innovative fabrics and styles for napery fabrics.


Staying true to its longstanding history of innovation and excellence, Milliken recently engineered and launched a new range of products featuring this popular fabric. Our best-selling bistro style napkin line, Signature Stripe, is now available in Chambray Stripe in black and blue.  

unspecified_41.jpegSignature Stripe Chambray features the same advantages of traditional Signature Stripe fabrics, which includes the ability to wash with whites, retain color after multiples washes, and release stains. Customers also benefit from the product’s soft hand and minimal linting. 

A USA-manufactured fabric with a classic style, these 18” x 22” napkins can be used in every hospitality and dining setting, from a street-side bistro to a formal event. See how your space could benefit from a switch of our Signature Stripe Chambray.

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