euphoria food & wine festival sponsorship

table linen fabrics proudly made in South Carolina

We hope that you enjoyed the 2020 euphoria food & wine festival in cozy downtown Greenville. Milliken & Company is excited to be a part of the 2021 event providing all of the table linens, exclusive euphoria-branded napkins and chef aprons. 


All of the Milliken table linen fabrics at euphoria were proudly made locally in Pendleton, SC. 

With over 40 years of elevating the dining experience in the restaurants around the world, Milliken® Signature® table linen fabrics utilize the latest textile technologies help to protect against stains and keep colors vibrant.

Our napery fabrics are proudly made in South Carolina and uniquely suited to combine style, performance and sustainability for the home. Discover more about napery fabrics from our cafe bistro-style, solid-colored table linens along with chambray and other unique fabrics. 

Headquartered in Spartanburg SC and with 150+ years of textile excellence, Milliken & Company has been creating fabric that protect and perform. Learn more about our Performance & Protective Textile division. 


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