At Milliken, we’re more than just a team of fabric engineers concerned about producing high-quality products. We’re a community of innovators that has combined unparalleled textile research with a commitment to improve the laundry industry. The result is a line of products that outperforms competitors and reduces cost for our customers.

Our bestselling lines, Signature and Signature Stripe, are available in 30 standard colors – from Sage Green to Dusty Rose – but with our experienced color engineers on hand, the color options are limitless. With unique color customization options available, designers and restaurateurs have the ability to personalize their napery colors to fit their space’s aesthetic, without compromising quality or price.

Color Design Center.

The power is in your hands to become the designer. An interactive feature on our new website, the Color Design Center, creates a powerful opportunity for both designers and restaurant owners to virtually experience what napkin and tablecloth color selections would look like, without the hassle of swatches and samples.

Choose between a restaurant or banquet table setting depending on your need, and in just a few clicks you’ll be able to design a virtual space, perfect for your brand. And if you don’t see the perfect color in the available options, our experienced engineers can match your swatch and create a custom color designed especially for you.

“We felt like we wanted something that would really pop on the table, and I feel like with the linen we have now, we nailed it.” Michael Perez, Executive Chef at Indaco

Milliken Innovations.

Inspired by the purpose of creating products that benefit others and add value to their daily lives, Milliken’s innovations are woven into every strand of our products.

1_ColorSealTechThumb.pngColorSeal™ provides an extra defense against bleach while ensuring your color won’t fade after multiple washes. A Milliken-produced color technology provides color staying power that keeps your linens consistently bright.

2_SofTouchTechThumb.pngSofTouch® Technology gives your product a soft hand without compromising lifespan or causing lint.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant feel with unrivaled quality or an on-trend look with classic colors, our Signature and Signature Stripe products are designed to fit your needs. Discover where to buy Signature or contact us for your customized color needs. 

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