It’s a classic Cinderella story. A little known, ragtag napery product traditionally used and abused in both commercial and private kitchens rose to stardom and made a name for itself. 

The bistro napkin, known for the cheerful stripe that runs down the middle, entered the commercial dining scene a little over two years ago, and the buzz has yet to die down. Customers are raving about its soft hand and larger sizes and restauranteurs are using its carefree vibe to cultivate a friendly ambiance in their restaurants— from formal dining rooms to street-side cafes.

Striving to stay ahead of the trends, Milliken Table Linens added a bistro-style napkin to their product lineup and shortly after it was released the line debuted in select Charleston restaurants, accompanied by glowing reviews. Staying true to Milliken’s commitment to quality and durability, their version of the bistro napkin is created with 100% Signature® fabric and made in the USA. An instant fan favorite, the product is designed for optimum softness, minimal linting, and little-to-no shrinkage.

Indaco, a fine dining establishment located on Charleston’s historic King Street, says “they nailed it” after choosing to use the classic blue bistro-style Signature® Stripe in their dining room. Hear what Indaco's Executive Chef Michael Perez has to say about Milliken's Signature® Stripe. 

Charleston isn't the only city where Signature® Stripe is reigning. Both Boston and San Francisco have embraced the bistro napkin trend, and our Stripe products can be found in Boston's Townsman restaurant and San Fran's destination restaurant, The Commissary. 

Due to Milliken’s innovative ColorSeal® technology, restaurant owners and suppliers never need to worry about the jaunty stripe fading or discoloring. And with 17 colors options available, including non-traditional colors like raspberry, gold, and kelly green, there’s options for everyone. To learn more about this innovative product visit our Signature Stripe brand page or fill out our Contact Us form and a member of our team will be happy to start a conversation with you.

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